Grown up Mobile Banking: Mobile-First, Not Just Extending Online

Tablets are exploding in popularity, PC sales are decreasing, and mobile has become a permanent fixture in the banking industry. If financial institutions want to drive adoption on mobile, they must decouple their mobile offerings from online banking by moving away from online banking (OLB) – centric credentials and enrollment approaches and embrace the “mobile… Read more


Key Characteristics of Next Generation Mobile Banking

What will be the key characteristics of next generation mobile banking? Registration for any consumer (not restricted to pre-existing users of Internet banking) A cutting edge user experience (UX) which is simple, intuitive and encourages regular engagement Promotion of compelling offers via segmentation based on a wide range of different demographics and individual preferences Connectivity… Read more


Forget Mobile-First, The Future Is Human-First

Adam Levene, SVP of Strategy at Monitise Create, contributed an article in Mobile Marketing Magazine last week focusing on the importance of “human first’ when embarking on a mobile strategy, and how Monitise Create puts this into practice. Below is an excerpt: The human-first mantra Our successes at Monitise Create have come by applying, almost… Read more