Clairmail Introduces Mobile Solution for Mid-market Financial Institutions

Clairmail announced the release of Clairmail Plus, an offering specifically designed to help mid-tier regional banks, community banks and credit unions seamlessly deploy Clairmail’s award-winning mobile banking and payments solution for their customers and members. The new solution is built on Clairmail’s widely adopted enterprise-class mobile platform currently used by more than one-third of the top 50 financial institutions (FIs) in North America. With the release of Clairmail Plus, Clairmail is bringing its industry-leading mobile platform to traditionally underserved mid-market banks and credit unions, offering an unparalleled end user experience and higher adoption rates while maintaining a low price point for quick, efficient entry into the mobile channel.

To date, mid-market FIs looking to deploy a mobile offering with minimal impact on IT resources have been limited to one-size-fits-all solutions dependent on online and core banking systems. Compared to substantially larger FIs, these offerings have left many mid-market FIs registering lower adoption rates: 14 percent for credit unions and 22 percent for regional and community banks, compared to nearly 37 percent mobile adoption across the largest FIs. Clairmail Plus helps solve this problem by offering customers access to Clairmail’s world-class platform via an affordable solution configured to meet FIs’ unique business goals and available IT resources.

“Despite a relative lack of unique options in the mid-market financial space, mobile banking continues to grow in leaps and bounds, seeing a 63 percent surge in 2011 to 57 million U.S adults using mobile to interact with their finances,” said Mary Monahan, Executive Vice President and Research Director of Mobile at Javelin Strategy & Research. “However, the mid-tier, smaller Financial Institutions are an increasingly underserved market – one that’s hungry to innovate and differentiate via the mobile channel.”

Clairmail Plus brings Clairmail’s deep knowledge of mobile financial technology to mid-market FIs looking for a high quality, unique user experience for their customer base while significantly lowering total cost of ownership for an advanced mobile solution. Clairmail Plus will enable Clairmail customers to:

  • Deploy a comprehensive account management solution. Clairmail Plus offers a full set of key mobile features, including SMS, mobile Web, and mobile application support for the iOS, Android and Blackberry operating systems.
  • Customize with packaged add-ons. Clairmail’s widely recognized proactive alerts engine and Mobile Remote Deposit Capture technology for checks are both easily bolted on to the base deployment of Clairmail Plus.
  • Enroll any bank customer in mobile banking. Clairmail’s platform expands beyond the limitations of online banking-specific credentials, utilizing specific mobile device and RSA security standards to authenticate and serve any bank customer or credit union member.
  • Maximize adoption with dedicated reporting, best practices and monitoring. Clairmail Plus customers have access to Clairmail’s dedicated Adoption Services team, best practice recommendations and benchmarking services, which have helped customers yield unprecedented adoption rates as high as 56 percent.
  • Minimize impact on IT resources. Clairmail Plus is offered as an on-premise or managed hosting solution, ensuring that any FI, regardless of IT department size or hardware resources, can deploy a secure and reliable mobile solution.
  • Avoid complex integration issues. Clairmail Plus is designed for rapid integration with the industry’s most popular core banking systems, decreasing implementation time and investment substantially.
  • Future-proof against new deployments. By utilizing the same code base as Clairmail’s enterprise-grade mobile solution, Clairmail Plus ensures that FIs looking to easily upgrade or increase customization of the Clairmail solution can do so without needing to change their version of what’s already deployed to end users.

“We’ve seen immense demand in the mid-market for a mobile solution that keeps costs and IT investment down while delivering real value to consumers and banks alike,” said Pete Daffern, CEO of Clairmail. “Clairmail Plus accomplishes both of these goals, leveraging Clairmail’s proven track record of innovation and success at some of the world’s biggest banks to bring a one of a kind solution to what’s traditionally been an underserved market in mobile. By introducing several new features like optimized integration services that significantly reduces the upfront investment, resources and time normally associated with a mobile implementation while minimizing the burden on the organization’s technology team, I believe Clairmail Plus is a significant step forward in making mobile banking and payments technologies more accessible and affordable for financial institutions of all sizes.”

To learn more about Clairmail Plus, Javelin’s 2011-2016 forecast for mobile banking and payments technologies and the mobile financial technology landscape in the mid-market, tune in for a webinar led by Javelin Strategy & Research’s Mark Schwanhausser, Carl Tsukahara from Clairmail and Howie Wu, VP of Virtual Banking at BECU for an exclusive webinar on April 18, 2012 at 10:00 AM PDT/1:00 PM EDT entitled “Mobile Banking Moves Mainstream: Tips for Mid-Tier Banks and Credit Unions.” To register, click here.