Security Checklist for Mobile Banking Customers recently posted an article that featured a safety checklist for mobile banking customers to ensure that their information is kept private, their money is secure and their accounts are not compromised.

This checklist includes a number of extremely helpful suggestions for mobile banking customers, including:

  • Activate security features: Use a PIN or password to keep your phone locked when it’s not in use.
  • Avoid automatic log-in: Make sure your phone doesn’t automatically log into your bank account.
  • Don’t store your info: Don’t store information such as PIN numbers, passwords, account numbers, etc. on your phone.
  • Let the bank know if you phone is missing: Notify your bank immediately if your phone is lost or stolen.
  • Beware of scams: Beware of phishing scams and deceptive websites that mimic your bank’s site. Never disclose confidential info or account details that could put your money at risk.

Clairmail fully supports this checklist, particularly since it matches closely with a list of mobile banking security tips provided by Clairmail in its white paper, Mobile Security: Customer Education for Secure Mobile Banking and Payments.

Along with providing mobile banking security tips for both consumers and FIs, this white paper also contains a detailed discussion of the various mobile security threats that are looming (such as malware, phishing, hijacking, man-in-the-middle attacks, etc.) and how they can be avoided. Click here to download a copy.